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Sierra Madre Knife Pistols

In 1836, Samuel Colt patented a bayonet to be attached to his revolvers, Franklin Wesson patented one in 1869, Harrington and Richardson produced one in 1902 and countless numbers of others were produced throughout history dating as far back as the 1500s. Knives and swords were put on pistols and pistols were put on knives and swords.

Combination “weapons” such as the “sword or knife pistol”, dating back to the sixteenth century, were used for dispatching and quartering wild boars. The penknife pistols of the mid-nineteenth century were created for emergencies and the Elgin cutlass pistol of the same era was designed for and authorized by an Act of Congress in May 1836 to be used by the United States South Seas Exploring Expedition.

Since then, the Japanese have made modern versions of the knife pistol as have the Swiss, the Russians, and the Chinese. These modern versions are small caliber pistols hidden within knives and as such, would constitute “concealed weapons” under U.S. firearms regulations.

The Powell Knife Pistol (PKP), originally produced in 1981 through 1993, has been the most recent endeavor to blend a knife with a firearm and still meet U.S. firearms regulations (Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 179 S 179.11). The result was a small caliber game dispatch pistol (.22), which eventually became a larger caliber pistol (.45 ACP). Its primary purpose was to serve as a single shot pistol to dispatch a wounded game animal and then field dress it. The Powell Knife Pistols were produced in such limited numbers (due to high production costs) that they eventually found their way into the collector market on a worldwide basis. What was intended for the everyday sportsman as an affordable tool, ended up commanding up to $2,000.00 at international gun and knife shows.

Today, San Juan Enterprise, under license and supervision of creator James Powell, has advanced production of the Knife Pistol through the use of state of the art technologies, the same ones that put the last space probe on the planet Mars. The contemporary Knife Pistols, known as the Sierra Madre models, combine the strongest materials available resulting in the optimum in firearm construction and knife characteristics.

This web site will contain the latest developments in the production of the PKP and the process for ordering one.

Over the coming weeks, changes to this site will be made as production increases to meet the demand.

Email J.Powell@sanjuanenterprise.com

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