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Today, San Juan Enterprise, under license and supervision of creator James Powell, has advanced production of the Knife Pistol through the use of state of the art technologies, the same ones that put the last space probe on the planet Mars. The contemporary Knife Pistols, known as the Sierra Madre models, combine the strongest materials available resulting in the optimum in firearm construction and knife characteristics.

Jim and his family have made an extraordinary journey to lead San Juan Enterprise where it is today...

We take our commitment to the Native American Peoples very seriously. That is one reason why some of our profits go back in to the Native American community...

Here are some of the artists and tribes we are currently working with:

Dennis Cannon

Click here to read an article “American Handgunner” magazine wrote about the PKP.

Here are some links of interest:

A good starting off point for information about various customs, individuals, tribes and nations

A good informational site

A good links page to the different nations


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